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Agrippina: Exile, Empress, Hustler, Whore

Unbound 2018

Pegasus 2019

Agrippina was the first true Roman empress - the mother of Nero, the wife of Claudius, the sister of Caligula.

They said she was a tyrant, a murderer and the most wicked woman in history. 
She forced her way into the male space of Roman politics and demanded to be recognised and an equal and a leader. For her audacity, she was murdered by her son and reviled by history. 

She was the sister, niece, wife and mother of emperors. She was an empress in her own right. And she was a nuanced, fearless trailblazer in the Roman world. 

The story of Agrippina is the story of a woman and the story of an empire at it's glorious, bloody height. 

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