photo by Jamie Drew

photo by Jamie Drew


About Emma

Dr. Emma Southon is a Dr and likes to remind people to use her title right.

I have a PhD in Ancient History from the University of Birmingham, and a version on my thesis was published in 2017 as Marriage, Sex and Death: The Family and the Fall of the Roman West. After a few years teaching Ancient and Medieval history, followed by some years teaching academic writing, I quit academia because it is grim and started writing for my own enjoyment.

My first book is a biography of the much maligned Agrippina the Younger, the sister of Caligula, wife of Claudius and mother of Nero.

I co-host a history/comedy podcast with Janina Matthewson called History is Sexy

Mostly I just truly love the Romans and want to write about them forever. You can commission me to write about Romans and/or history.